Places silent
Times silent
You and I a little nearer
To lnteraction
After line
Void to the left in the right.
Void the words,
Void the silence.

From Dictee, 1982, by Theresa Hak Kyung Cha


Question 1 : How old are you?
Stone : […]

Question 2 : Who made you?
Stone : […]

Question 3 : If so, where is God?
Stone #1 : […]

Question 4 : Are you afraid I would speak?
Stone #1 : […]

Question 5 : Tell me the story?
                   Of all these things. Beginning wherever you wish tell even us.
Stone #1 : […]


It murmurs inside.
It murmurs.

Inside is the pain of speech the pain to say.
Larger still.
Greater than is the pain not to say
To not say.
Says nothing against the pain to speak.

It festers inside.
The wound, liquid, dust.
Must break.
Must void.