left: Map of Northern Hemisphere, 18th Century. / right: Map of Sothern Hemisphere, 18th Century,

The Polar Regions are incredibly important for the Earth’s environment because of its profound effect on the planet’s climate and ocean system. Since the nature of the Arctic and the Antarctic has been mostly out of people’s reach, a small amount of contamination can influence the environment easily, and a change in the Polar Regions influences the entire planet’s environment.  

The project aims to revive the potential of the 55 m height of the enormous cylinder space. In this project, the Antarctic and Arctic will be used for metaphor that arouses people’s attention to the ocean environment. The distinctive envelope not only establishes a new landmark in Expo site but also overcomes the spatial limits of the existing silo structure. The flowing contour lines from the top form a three-dimensional landscape including seating and spaces for gathering and moving. The pure, solid cylinder space is truly appropriate for contemplating its void. This unusual large-scale exhibition space will create a new type of installation and give artists the chance to exhibit large-scale works.


Our project aims to revive the power of the 55 m height of the enormous cylinder space. To take advantage of its potential, we are going to retain the silo cylinder space as it is. This pure, solid space is truly appropriate for contemplating its void.


The Installation Silo is used to appreciate the beauty of Earth. The 18 m diameter and 55 m height of the cylinder space without any obstacles provides a new type of exhibition space. It is possible to install artwork that accentuates the perpendicular space. The space, filled with centrifugal force, could help people to experience the vast environment of Earth.


The Media Silo is a place to experience the phenomenon of nature using the medium of projection. The perpendicular cylinder space is transformed into a giant projection room. Because of its huge scale, the movie brings reality closer to the people. They will learn in person about nature while they watch the screen.


The space between the envelope and the silos is an in-between space. The porous in-between lobby maximizes the expression of space, contrasting with the solid silo inside. This space is a gathering and communal space. It is a flexible, dynamic place to accommodate diverse activities that could happen at the Expo. The in-between space is used as a lobby area before entering the silo and elevator. The in-between space is porous. The envelope provides shade. Therefore, lights and shade enrich the space. It is suitable for event and public gatherings because of the shade it offers on hot summer days.